venerdì 22 marzo 2013

How can we live without strawberries ? ❤

Aliena vitia in oculis habemus, a tergo nostra sunt (Abbiamo davanti agli occhi i vizi degli altri, mentre i nostri ci stanno dietro) 
We have the vices of the others in front of the eyes, while ours are behind us 
Seneca docet 

giovedì 21 marzo 2013


Hi there !! We haven't posted anything in these days because of school, so now we are showing you this pic. We Made it in the beginning of this year : that's us and 2 of our friends ( Stefania and Valentina).  ✌❤ 

Ari and Simi ❤

domenica 17 marzo 2013

Breakfast ❤

They were sitting

They were talking under strawberry swing
Everybody was for fighting
Wouldn’t wanna waste a thing

-Coldplay, Strawberry swing 

venerdì 15 marzo 2013


People think rain is sad...I don't agree.

We hate the rain when it fills up our shoes 
But how we love when it washes our cars 

We love to love when it fills up the room 
But when it leaves oh we're cursing the stars 
-How We Love - Ingrid Michaelson 

Summer 2012

I don't like the memories beacause the tears come easily , and once again I break my promise to myself for this day. It's a costant battle. A war, between remembering and forgetting ❤
That's my favourite pic of us✌


mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

Last week ❤

 You can waste your time drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them.

Grey's Anatomy

martedì 12 marzo 2013


Hi there, We just want to say hello to everyone! A new week is started and saturday is so far!! This is an old photo, we Made it in August, on our last day we went to the sea :'(

venerdì 8 marzo 2013


"Sorridi alla vita e la vita ti sorriderà " ... Smile to the life, and life will smile to you!!
We made this photo at the beginning of last summer. I remeber, it was May, and the school hasn't finished yet.
 Today leather black jacket!! ❤❤

Arianna ✌

Beautiful day

Hei everyone! Today in Bari it's very hot ad it's a great day! There are 18* C !! I hope you are having a beautiful day like us. We haven't got lots of homework so maybe we are going out this afternoon. 
Oh, I was forgotten: TGIF !! Thanks God It's Friday!!! ❤

mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

It's passed so many time, that's last year !! We were in February  and this is one on the first photos we made ❤❤

A kiss !! ❤
Love u ❤❤

Hei everyone. !! This was my hairstyle today. ❤

Arianna ❤

martedì 5 marzo 2013

The art of getting by

Good night to everyone, we hope you had had a nice day! We have just seen a film, what do you think about it? It's called "the art of getting by". Emma Roberts is a fantastic actress ✌❤ !!
We have been friends since only 2011, when we met at the beginning of the high school. We gonna post Some remembers of last month ❤❤

What do you think about this photo? I hope you'll enjoy it !! ❤

Simona ❤

How are you today?? ❤ You know, we live in Bari and today it was very sunny.  The school is very hard in these days. Me and Simona are classmathes and we are studying all days. 


domenica 3 marzo 2013

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Simona ❤❤
Hei guys ❤

Arianna ❤

That's us Some weeks ago !! ❤❤❤