domenica 15 dicembre 2013

Milk Kiss

Tomorrow it's Monday...holy crap! Sundays always go so fast, and weeks are so long. Fortunately, that's the last one before Christmas holidays. I'm just hoping we will not have so much homework, because I've lots of things to do. Today I went with two of my friends to a nice cafe that have just opened in Bari. His name is Bacio di Latte (Milk Kiss) and it has such amazing things. Look !

These are two of my freinds, Ilaria on the right and Serena of the left.


Well it's not Christmas yet but last week my boy-friend gave me this: it's amazing, so now  I can have every single moment in my pocket as a photo. Now, if u look at the first photo, you can see on the left  a cute penholder bought in IKEA: I love it! It's so white and pretty! And on the left ther's a candle that smells of vanilla ( bought in IKEA too). I think I'm going to buy the one that smells of strawberry !!

New post

We haven't seen eachothers for a while but here we are! Christmas is almost here and I can't wait for holidays !! Plus, I have a looong wish list ahaha. However, I promise that we will write more, as more as we can.
Xoxo,  Arianna